Save default commands?

I know when I load an instance of Scaler in Ableton 11 it has bind section A, B and C preconfigured. Is there a way for me to add to these default mappings for new instances?


Welcome to the Scaler forums.

Scaler will save some settings as defaults, but, perhaps the easiest way to do this is to set up an instance of Scaler with all the settings you want on a Track in a project in your DAW and then import that track to new projects. This is what I do in Cubase, perhaps there are better ways to do this in Abelton.

The same can be done in Ableton Live. Also save a Scaler configured track as a Live Template.

Thanks guys, I can try that, I will test it out, it doesnt appear to save commands when you select the save as default plugin option within Ableton.