'Save > Replace Existing' doesn't seem to work

Scaler Audio v2.5.0 - Windows 10 - VST2/3 in Reaper

Save > Replace Existing (full session) > Choose existing chordset > [select folder] > ok

The ok button doesn’t do anything. Maybe it is actually overwriting the folder, but there’s no indication that anything has happened. I have to press cancel then:

save > [type the name of the folder] > ok > This name is already existing. Replace it? > Overwrite.

Search for SAVE in the forum search. It is a topic that has been covered several times and you will find help by reading them. I seem to remember that the best option to avoid these problems is Export. that’s what i always do

Just tried this on Scaler 2.5 on Reaper 6.58 on Windows 10 and found the following issue.

I have several user chord sets (not exported states) saved in the user directory

I have saved a chord set and given it a name of Save Test 1. I then

  1. cleard state and imported the chord set.
  2. changed a block
  3. saved the chord set choosing to Save Idividual Patterns as chord sets and REPLACE EXISTING

When I clicked on REPLACE EXISTING I was presented with a single option to replace: lesson 1 set (a set I had created earlier). This was not the current set, nor was I able to select another set.

Having searched for save on the forum I cannot find this particular issue detailed

Good working checking this out. This is a part of Scaler have little experience but if I find the time I’ll try to reproduce this and see what I find.