Saving and Recalling User Chord sets - How?

I have two chord progressions of 10 chords each that I want to feed into Scaler 2.6 to make two User chord sets of. (I see some factory artist chords set having 10+ chords).

Then during a session I should be able to open the first user chord set in Section A and build a pattern in Section C. If I need more variation I want to open the other saved chord set in section A and pick a few chords from there.

Is this possible? It seems if I try to save the 10 chords (Section C “Save” button) it actually limits to only 8 chords and makes two xml files with a maximum of 8 chord each. It seems the Save dialog gives you the option to Save individual patterns as chord sets only.

In section A “User” menu the “Export Chord Set” is grayed out…

I’m confused how I can make this work and get 10 or more chord into one XML file.
If I save as a Session I loose what I am working on if I open that xml file.
Any ideas (the manual was of no help)?


Was my problem description unclear or is it nobody knows?
I have a ton of midi players and midi chord files I would like to quickly transfer over and use with my Maschine.

Hope someone has done this and can help. Thanks!

Your question is similar to Bind to 16 keys (or more), how? [solved]
It seems that the problem now is in saving the progressions.
I recommend you read these comments from Jamieh:
Saving Work

Each Pattern can only have 8 pads but progressions can continue to the next pattern. I’ve saved many progressions the have 10 or 12 chords and save those by checking Save Full session and Individual patterns or exporting a complete State of Scaler.

But in Section A I can have 10 chord pads, but the User Export is grayed out most of the time. Is that a bug?

However, I have been able to import old chordsets I did, with 16 chords, and then the User Export works, even for 16 chords, but again, when working on a fresh chordset it stays grayed out. Why?

To clarify and most importantly, if I enable Detect and record a few chords, the User Export is grayed out, so it is clearly not working consistently.

The User Import/Export ONLY relates to Section A it seems, and that is good. So those 16 Section A chords ARE the chords I want to export as a new user chordset.

Do you guys get the same results?


I’ll let a Dev answer this as I don’t use that method of exporting. I use this method of saving —

Ok, thanks. I have so many chord midi files, players, etc that I want to get into Scaler. Appreciate if they can make it work.

It does work and it works beautifully. I’ve been using it since version 1. I have more than 100 of my own chord sets that I use all the time. No problem saving or accessing them. I not sure it’s supposed to work the way you think it does perhaps. Maybe @yorkeman has done a study of that function and can chime in here.
Good luck.

So you say. You used the Detect mode and recorded a few chords. Then used the User drop down (on the right in Section A) and selected Export Chord Set and were able to save the cords in Section A as a Chord Set.

Well, that is clearly NOT working for me. I tried both the VST2 and the VST3 version, both 2.6.0, on Windows 10. Export Chord Set IS grayed out…

Hi @RikkShow

use the “Save” button in the Section C to save your chord set to the user dropdown.

The “export chord set” function is to export the currently selected user set. If it is greyed out it is probably because no user set is selected.

I hope this helps.

Hi Ed, I think we are talking around each other now.

  1. In Section C, you can NOT save a full Chord Set, eg 16 chords. It can only save Patterns, so a maximum of 8 chords. I am NOT looking for this function (Saving Patterns).
  2. No matter if I select Chord Pads in Section A, B, or C will the Export Chord Set be available.
  3. I only seem to get Export Chord Set to be available when I FIRST choose a User Cord Set and bring it in to Section A. Then I can Export it as a Chord Set (I do not even need to select any chords). THIS is what I want to do, but with my newly Detected chords.

Can you please try to replicate EXACTLY what I try to do, I have a feeling nobody has actually tried that. I would appreciate if we can get this to function properly. Thanks!


you can save multiple patterns as user sets then recall them into the section A from the user dropdown. To do so, drag your chords from the detect section into the section C and save your individual patterns.

If you want to save the whole session with your 16 chords in place, you can tick the “Save Full Session”. When recalled, your whole session will be loaded. If you want to export it to a file to can go to the side menu, in the Session tab you can export the file to disk. When reloaded your chords will be there in the detect area.

Hi @RikkShow ,

I think there may be an issue with saving chord sets, but let me first suggest that @Ed1 is not wrong about saving longer chord sets in section C.

If your chord set is longer than 8 blocks (i.e. 8 chords) then as you will be aware when you copy the chord set to Sectoin C it will create the requied number of blocks spread across more than one pattern. So a chord set of 9 blocks will be spread across two patterns. If you the “lassoo” the patters so that they are all selected and click on the SAVE button in Sectin C then all the patterns can be saved in one click (NB you will have to refresh the USER list after saving them for them to appear in the USER list).

You can then import the patterns, but you will only be able to import one patterns at a time.

Now to your issue on the Export Chord Set option in the USER menu.

I found a similar issue when I detected a midi chord set and then tried to save it using the option in the USER menu: the option was greyed out. I tried copying the detected chords to Section C but no matter which chords I selected - chords in Section A or in Section C. the option remained greyed out. However, once I had saved a chord set from Section C using the SAVE button in Se ction C, the option in the USER menu became available.

So it looks like t may be an issue about workflows through the software. I would suggest that this may be a bug (or what software salesmen used to call “a feature” - i.e. a non-critical bug for which there is a work-around).

I hope this helps clarify where I think the issue is…

My configuration:

Windows 10
Scaler 2.5
Ableton Live 11 Standard.

PS should this thread be moved to Support?

No that is not the way it’s done. I’ve described the method I use and the method described in the manual. What you are trying to do is not the way it is done. The chord sets need to be in patterns. It’s as simple as that. Save is on the lower right of the main section.

I tried to replicate this, by first Saving 10 chords from Section C. The chords were copied down from Section A in Detect mode. (Remember ALWAY try to replicate the problem with more than 8 chords)
A. Tried Save Session
B. Tried Save Pattern (both patt 1+2, ie all 10 chords)
C. Tried #A + #B together, ie Save Session and Pattern
Then Refresh List (User menu)
#A Does NOT make Export Chord Set available
#B and #C DOES make Export Chord Set available, BUT the number of chords are truncated to the first 8. Those XML files are dated Aug 2020.
@ed66 did you REALLY make this work with >=9 chords?
How do we get this bug reported to the Scaler team?

Just a FYI: I have made Chord Sets with 15 and 16 chords in an earlier versions of Scaler (v2 I guess) with NO problem, so this must be a new bug. I do not know when it got introduced though.

I noticed VST3 is called Scaler 2, and the VST2 is called Scaler2, so I might install an old VST2 Scaler2 and try. Just so I can get this done. But that’ll be later.

I did this test already. Scaler 2.05 seems to have the similar problem like 2.6.

BUT Scaler 1.8.1 Saves from Section C a 16-chord Chord Set as one single XML file. No problem. So I guess this function got screwed up going to Scaler 2.

The issue now is, after making a 16-chord Chord Set in Scaler 1.8, I have to move each file to the Scaler 2 folder. Not a big one, but still wonky workflow…

Soooo, to conclude. Scaler Team, please bring back the Saving Chord Set function in Section C, JUST AS v1.81 functions. Thank you!
To clarify:
1. Save as Session
2. Save as Pattern(s)
3. Save as Chord Set
That would be great.
(I still wonder what the Export function is intended to do!?)

All of these work perfectly on for me on Mac in Cubase, Ableton Live, Patchwork and GigPerformer. Any number of chords or patterns. I’m trying to replicate your issue but haven’t been able to yet.

It essentially saves the whole data state of the app in XML, as I’m sure you know. It is a superset of the data in the other save options.

I’m assuming that the question was potentially ‘what use is it ?’ ? I use it all the time; if I’m trying things out, for example, and want to leave and come back to where I was, I just export and then import later.

I use also save state where most people would have used save chord set. .

No it doesn’t, it only saves the Chord Set, when it is able to.
Save Session saves the whole state. Big difference.

This is strange. So, help me out. How do you get 10 chords into a single XML file? Can you describe step by step.

To re-iterate what I am trying to do:

A. First record 10 new chords using Detect so the chords exists in Section A.
B. Generate a single XML file with the 10 chords. (I can NOT get 10 chords if I save Pattern(s) or save Session using the save function in Section C)
C. Open that file from the User drop down in Section A. This shall only get the 10 chords into Section A (not altering of the State, and any chords you already had in Section C will be intact).

Can you attach the XML file?
I cannot do it in Windows w Scaler 2.6.