Saving into folders issue - Scaler 2

In scaler 1 i would save my chord sets into folders, in the save field I just normally would type something like “Ideas/ 001” Ideas being the folder and using / to save 001 as a chord set in that folder. when I’m doing this in scaler 2 I get an error “this name is already exists do you want to replace it” this is the first chord I have saved so nothing there to overwrite. if I do choose to overwrite I just get two folders “ideas” and “001” no saved chord set.

On top of this another issue, to work around this for now im just trying to save a chord set in the root sets folder however trying to do that it’ll save the chord into a folder with 2 identical files well one with the chord set and another with it repeated, both renamed also, if i save the chord set as “001” it’ll name the two “001 - 1 - Pattern 1” and “001 - Session-2020-05-29” . Instead of this workaround being simple of just drag and drop i have to rename and delete all the unwanted folders and files that are created. Am i missing something here? i checked all the options incase there is something new with the save options but cant see anything, please fix this issue if its not supposed to behave in this way as its messing with my work flow. many thanks in advance keep up the great work!

Hi @mongz,

Yes, now Scaler 2 saves your session and automatically creates a folder where are stored each of your patterns.

We now allow for 7 patterns which reduce the need for saving multiple chordsets under the folder name… or so we thought… :thinking: Thanks for reporting it, we will have a look at how to improve this.