Saving user chord set issues


If I try and save a chord set after creating a chord prog, when hitting the save button on the bottom right, the Dialog “NAME YOUR CHORD SET” pops up, If I name the chord set:


Then press OK - Scaler does nothing on the first attempt.
If I press OK again - Scaler prompts an error of “THIS NAME ALREADY EXISTS DO YOU WANT TO REPLACE IT”.

The menu gets stuck there and I can only but select CANCEL.

I then proceed to the Folder

The folder is empty.

The traditional way of saving chord sets is also not working like Scaler 1. I have a bunch of Sub directories under sets in which I would like to save genre Specific user chords and it is not possible by using the above method to save my own user generated content.



big saving issues need to be fixed, on top of this, if u rename the full session file name as u may have many patterns it’ll then not show up at all in scaler after as renamed.

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Hi guys,

This bug is still present in 2.08 any word on a fix?