Saving User Chordsets

Hi does anyone know if its possible to save USER chordsets in Scaler 2?

The idea being that I would like to create a tree structure just like the included songs or artists sections but with my own chord progressions.

I have spent quite some time experimenting and cant find a way of doing this. The export chordset menu item is permanently greyed out, the option to save as chordset in the pattern save button creates a file but this is not visible in the user chordset browser. I can save sessions OK but these include unwanted session data, do not allow a directory tree structure, do not show the session name and you cant browse between them.

Welcome @tactile_coast

While others will likely have more insights’, this might help.

  • Be sure you are on the current Scaler (2.4)

  • You can save individual and sets of chordsets using the Save button in section C (or pad view)

  • I’ve not been able to figure out how/why to use the Export Chords option from the User Chords button in Section A. It only seems to let you export (A) your own chordsets that you’ve opened (B) but I’m probably missing the use case.

  • As far as chord trees, I’ve only been able to create a single level by creating a directory w/in the export directory (See Open Folder in image above) and dropping in multiple chordsets. Nesting directories does not create additional branches but the system does read those directories and exposes the chordsets.

  • The Patterns option from the section C Save button will take all your patterns and create individual chordsets

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If you choose save and just choose Save Session you set should show up in the list but it will just be a session with no patterns listed. Export will be grayed out.

If you Save as both Session and individual chord sets OR just chord sets it will show up under the list, you can export chord set to a different location and then name won’t be listed as it will be outside the Scaler folder. But when you save it you will see it a the header of the menu.
Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 8.54.29 AM