Saving Work

Further…… when I get a song going in a way I like…I save it.
But when I go into user and click on what I’ve saved I find I’ve lost my work and just have the bare bones of the 1st line.
In a nut shell how do I save my work then recall it later?
Thank you

Saving the state works best for the things I do, although I’m sure others will save their work in other ways. Saving state essentially freezes the relevant data in your running scaler image, and writes out an XML file which can be used to reload a prior saves state.

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There are 2 ways to save is Scaler. The SAVE button on the lower right of the Main page and the Export button under the Logo on the upper left.
Click SAVE on the lower right on the main screen. When you get to this menu there are 2 check box options - Save Full Session and Save Individual Pattern(s) as Chord Sets. I always check both. These will show up under the User menu.

Right Click on the Blue logo on the upper left. Choose Export State. This saves everything current in Scaler.
Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 8.14.42 AM

You need to save it in a folder where you know where it is. This won’t show up in the User pull down menu.
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Thank you Jamieh.
Good details for me to follow.
One silly question ….is the folder to save in Scaler2 or what way do you find or make a folder to save?

I make a Scaler Sessions folder where I keep my music template elements. If I make Scaler progressions specific to a music project I make a Scaler Sessions folder inside the project folder just for those.

When I do an export, Scaler saves it by default to the user folder of whoever is logged in. This is a particularly bad place, containing as it does critical registry files …

Of course, one can navigate to another directory in my case, on another drive) but it’;s slightly tedious if one saves frequently. It would be useful if the location of exported files could be defined in Settings along with chordsets and sounds files.

I have set up s shortcut in the user area, but not to have to think about it would be good.

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I agree it would be nice to have a favorite location you could set in preferences.

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