Scalar 2 causes hang when on 2nd monitor in FL Studio (VST3, x64)

I’ve had this issue for a while now, where closing and then reopening Scalar 2 would cause the whole DAW to lock up and I’ve finally taken a moment to A/B it to figure out the problem.

It seems that if you close the the Scalar 2 window while it is on another monitor, then when you attempt to reopen it things lock up.

Testing process;

  • open FL Studio
  • Add Scalar 2 which opens the Window
  • drag window to 2nd monitor
  • close scalar 2
  • click on channel rack to reopen it
  • FL Studio hangs
  • After a short time a black window will appear
  • Clicking anywhere will bring up Windows “this app has stopped responding” box

If you repeat the above, but don’t drag the Scalar 2 window to another monitor then you can open and close as much as you like. This is 100% reproducible.

System info;
Windows 10 x64
FL Studio 20.8 (build 2115)
Scalar 2 v2.2.0 VST3
AMD Vega 64 gfx card.
Monitor setup;
[2][ 1 ][3]
Where 1 is the primary monitor, an ultra wide
2 & 3 are portrait 24" monitors
Monitor 1 is connected to the gfx card via DisplayPort, monitor 3 daisychains from there
Monitor 2 is connected to the gfx card via DisplayPort directly

So in the tests I drag from monitor 1 to monitor 2.

Hi @bobvodka

thanks for reporting with the details on how to reproduce. We will have a play on our end and try to fix this soon.


Just to help narrow things down, I have a slightly similair setup (FL/Multi-Monitor) but cannot reproduce this on any monitor (I just tried), and Scaler 2 is in my template on monitor 5, and used to be on 3 before that for the last couple of months.

Windows 7 x64
FL Studio 20.8.1 (build 2127)
Scaler 2.2.0 VST2
Monitor setup:
[ 1 ][ 2 ]


(I suspect it’s either VST3, or Windows 10 related, but who knows, you might wanna check the VST2 version just to rule that out)

I use two monitors and have no problem with it running on either screen.

Win 10 pro x64
AMD Radeon 4Gb WX3100 (weak I know, but a=Live does need zippy graphics)
2 x 19 inch monitors on DisplayPort
LIve + Scaler 2.2
Omnisphere / Trillian / RMX / Dune 3 / Korg Wavstation (still great) Arturia Analogue 4