Scalar for iOS?

I am really digging Scalar! And learning from it too which is even better. I am also using the iPad more and more for music creation as there are some awesome apps that will never get ported over to the Mac OS.
Are there any plans for an iOS version of scalar?

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Yes Indeed. We (Dev) team use a ‘ported’ version for ourselves which is great but the UI is too small and fiddly so this is in development with some very exciting integration features with Scaler VST/AU and a standalone. Stay tuned for later 2019!!!


Awesome! But I can see the challenges. I moved to the biggest iPad Pro with the pencil partially because of fiddly interfaces and fat fingers and also because my eyesight is going. I’ve done some live performing with the ipad and it worked really well. I know it’s not the original intention of Scalar to be a tool for live performance but 1 finger chords rows for live would be fantastic, although there might be some apps that do this already.
Can’t wait to see what you come up with for iOS. Best of luck!!

Is Scaler still in development for iOS?

The unofficial answer is ‘yes’. We want to end up with something that’s not just an assistant but completely exciting on its own. Getting there…

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Exciting! I have just bought a 12,9" iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil so I’m ready for beta testing! And I have done a fair bit of beta testing on iOS. Especially music related apps. :grinning: