Scale chord extrapolation generation

At present, scale can make chords simple, and chords have been completed. Can scale calculate and generate intro, verse, pre chorus, chorus and bridge parts according to these chords. At least let the people who make music as a reference.
Even generate some melody. Of course, the output needs to be generated according to music classification. The first one should be pop music, rock, dance, house, hiphop, RNB, blue, reggae, movie, etc
It should be based on the style of the music.
Of course, it’s just my imagination.

Hi @swingmix

yes, we’re looking at this for version 2.5. The classification by style is complex but there are a few tools we can add to help you generate chords for your custom progression.

Thanks for the feedback,

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How is this approach conceptually different from Band-in-a-Box or Jammer (and presumably others? Is this where Scaler is going? Dial a tune ?

Maybe this is what most users want, which is fine , but I fear it may leave me behind, looking at the Modulation page.

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Saving time is good for everyone. It’s a good thing that ordinary people can make music quickly. Of course, it doesn’t matter to professional musicians. I’m just a music lover, and scaler has helped me a lot. I think that’s one of the original purposes of scaler. :kissing_heart:

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very nice! great! :+1:

It gave me a chuckle to read that some people use Scaler to save time, when some of us use it as a tool to pass time with :slight_smile:


Swingmix : Please don’t think that my post was intended to be derogatory in any way. If it seemed like there was a dig, it was at BIAB, not you. Your goals are completely understandable and laudable. My comment was that there are many other tools which do this, but I hadn’t really classed Scaler as one of them. Indeed, some of those tools do song generation per se way better than Scaler can today.

Today, I see Scaler’s strength is partially the fact that it doesn’t do this; it makes you work to create something you have put together from a slightly more elemental starting point, and maybe because of that the output should be unique

But I also said that I understand the “democracy of the market” - I was in the software product business for 40 years. The Scaler authors need to sell licences to evolve the product and make a return on their considerable up-front investment. If buyers want to have something which generates something fairly complete, and with much less effort, then so be it, and that would be the right way to go for the Scaler authors and for the buyers.

I commented because what attracted me to the product was that I wasn’t looking for a Band-in-the-Box two point oh, but I absolutely bow to commercial and user wishes.

I hope my post didn’t come across wrongly - if it did, apologies.


I know you’re not derogatory. My English is not very good. I hope I didn’t misunderstand you.
I haven’t used band in box because the interface is not good-looking and it’s very large. Ha ha ha
I really like scaler. I have done many small works through scaler. My family and I are very happy. I also went out to perform. The effect is good.
I think scaler has grasped the most important thing of music and has helped me a lot. Therefore, I hope scale will be more and more perfect. Can help more people like me:)
Thank you for your reply:)

Hi @yorkeman

This is a fair point and the tools we are working on will require the user’s input. I don’t believe there is much value in generating “songs” algorithmically.
However, I often can hear a chord in my head and it seems to be nowhere in the scale, I have to navigate through many screens within Scaler to find it. I think that’s where we can make it a bit better.

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What I like most now is all the contents under performances
I had a lot of fun matching. In this mode, it’s all the notes in the chord. very nice.
We look forward to adding more common and style in the next version.
I don’t use many other phrases, rhythms, bass, melody.
Thank you for making such great software.
Before you invented scale, I wasted a lot of time on chords. :sweat_smile: