Scale sync

It would be great to be able to sync the selected scale across Scaler instances, hopefully for obvious reasons, but if needed, I am happy to elaborate on how useful that could be.

Many thanks

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This is also very high on my wish list. It’s such a hassle to manually change ALL SCALER INSTANCES to another scale when jamming out on the keys

This should be possible faster and more intuitive and easy. Please fix!

SYNC now syncs scales EDITED

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@davide Thanks a lot for this, but it does not appear to be working correctly. Also, the shortcut you mentioned only allows for clearing the state, not syncing scales. See this bug submission:

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Sorry I adjusted my post absolute brain fade.

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When I right click the S logo I only get ‘clear state’? Am I missing something?

If you are trying to sync it’s under the gear on the upper right.