Scale wrong

Hello there,

Everythime a drag a wave clip in from Ableton, let’s say some Piano chords, Scaler 2 almost always get’s the scale wrong.

I’m working on a remix that’s in D min and got all the stems. When dragging a Piano wave clip of 32 best into it says Db maj #11, not D min. I then analyze the clip in Melodyne and it get’s it right every time.

But I’m in Scaler 2 for a reason, to find alternative chords. But I can’t find how to transpose the wrongly Db maj #11 to D min. How do I do that?


No doubt, Melodyne is prob the best there is.

Having said that, Scaler should always get midi conversion correct.

Can’t you just click on the offending chord and replace it?

I guess I can’t see what you are doing, so I am at a loss.

Further to @LivingEdge_Studios do you have the latest version of scaler as there was a sample rate conversion problem with drag and drop in the very first scaler 2.0

I have not tried to convert audio to chords… actually I don’t believe that it’s that hard for a musician to actually hear all of the notes as I’ve been playing sax for over 50 years and both sight read and play by ear without a hitch.

I am using version 2.08, which I believe is current. Looking for 2.09 one of these days.

That is a good question… @bergwall what version are you runing and how complicated is the audio that you are converting.

Even if Scalar does miss a chord here and there, all chords are easily able to be changed and substituted.

That is the problem that I don’t seem to understand as quoted below: