Scaler 1.2.1 Update

Scaler 1.2.1 is now available.

This version addresses a few issues and fixes bugs reported since the launch of 1.2.


  • Drastically reduce the number of hung notes occurring for various reasons.
  • Remove a duplicate chord definition causing same chord to be displayed under multiple names in the chord variation screen.
  • Limit the mapped octave range from -2 to 8 so it is always visible on the virtual keyboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue causing hung notes when changing octave or inversion while playing a midi- bound chord.
  • Fix a timing issue causing Scaler to drop some MIDI event resulting in hung notes.
  • Unbinding MIDI while holding chords no longer cause hung notes.
  • Prevent a crash when importing an incorrectly formatted chord set.
  • Removing a chord from the detection now properly removes it from the mapped chords.
  • Fix the automatic scrolling behavior when adding or removing chords from the detection.
  • Removing a chord from the progression builder now properly turns off the highlighting of its notes on the virtual keyboard.
  • Binding MIDI now properly draws the marker on bound notes.

How to download

  • Go to the My Products tab in your user account page on Plugin Boutique’s website
  • Select MacOs or Windows format
  • Select the 1.2.1 version in the drop-down below the download button.

Via PluginBoutique… When I select Windows for 1.2.1 I get the MAC file. when I select Mac, I get the MAC file. Windows button for 1.2.1 is not working. I’ve messaged PluginBoutique and I’ve been getting the run-around from them. I’ve let them know their system is serving the MAC zip file for the Windows button for 1.2.1.

@AvoKyu Thanks for reporting the issue. I will check with them.

Did you manage to get the Windows installer ?

Thanks Ed, I have not been able to download the Windows installer. Thanks for looking into this as well!

I sent you a link in a private message :slight_smile:

Hi is a newer update ready yet with the lock to scale feature?

Hi @xtremsounds,

The next update of Scaler is almost ready and will be announced soon on the forum with the complete list of features.
A public beta will start in a couple of weeks if you are interested in testing it out.

All the info will be added to the forum in the coming days.


Hi @Ed1

That’s great News! I’d be interested in trying out the Public beta Scaler as well. I didn’t know that was available!

Hi @Studio-dbfx,

All the details on how to participate in the beta will be part of the announcement.

That would be good. i would like to test it out. I hope you allow us to resize the different work spaces like the scale selection area - its so narrow

hi is the new update ready yet?

Yes :slight_smile: