Scaler 1.5 Do I have The Correct Version?

Hi there,

First of all, congratulations on a remarkable piece of programming.

I have just purchased, downloaded and installed version 1.5 on to a Windows 7 PC running Ableton 9.7.1 64 bit version.

After watching the quick start tutorial, it states that you can set your export notes directly from progression builder. The tutorial images show a white musical note on the button next to the drag midi button.

Mine is blank.

When you click it i do not see musical notes. I see 1/4 1/8 etc.

Secondly, the PDF manual seems to be from an older version.

Do I have the correct version?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @davescaler

The quick start tutorial is new in 1.5 so it seems you are running the latest version. To be sure, you can click on Scaler’s logo in the top left, in the popup that opens, at the bottom, you should read the version number “1.5”.

The PDF manual is still from the previous version, Scaler has been evolving very quickly and the version 1 with the manual was released not even a year ago.
We decided to release the new features simply with a quick guide as most features have been requested by users, most people will know how to use them.

However we know some users rely on the manual to get a deeper understanding of the different features so we are working on a proper update to please everyone.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to ask question here, we are always happy to help, and other users also have good insights and tips on how to work with Scaler.

Regarding your issue with the blank duration settings. I have been able to reproduce it on my test machine. The buttons seem to work OK, it’s just the note symbol that isn’t displayed properly. I will investigate, and fix this soon.


Hi Ed,

Thanks for the explanation.

Yes, it seems that I am running version 1.5

There is no rush for the manual.

I have spent the last couple of days using Scaler, and it is great fun, informative, and seems very easy to use.

I don’t know whether you are interested in suggestions or ideas regarding your software?

It is just in an ideal world, for me at least, if the diatonic chords section enabled you to see/play the chords for the octave above/below the selected chord, at the same time as the original ones, without having to keep clicking the octave up and down buttons, then this plugin would be pretty much perfect for the way I work

I have a different chord plugin that does just that, and it really speeds up my workflow.

As a workaround I am currently copying all of the notes from the chord section into slot 1 of the progression builder, setting them to a lower octave, and then copying all of the chords to the slot 2 of the progression builder again at a higher octave.

This works well when set up, but is a bit long-winded.

That is not a criticism of your plugin by the way - it is excellent.

If you need further clarification of what I mean, then just let me know.

Thanks again Ed.

Hi @davescaler,

We are always keen to get feedback and suggestions :wink:

It’s an interesting idea, you are the first person so far to express this need, but I can see how it could be useful.
I think it could be about adding a way to quickly compare two chords voicings and not limiting only to comparing between two octaves.

We usually discuss with the team about this things to see who could profit from such an improvement and how it would work technically.

I am adding your thoughts to the list.


Hi again Ed,

Glad to hear you like my idea.

Maybe you could have something like a user-set octave range for the selected chords/scale?

That way the user can select how much of the keyboard at the top of the plugin is used for chords.

This would also mean that it would not upset any user not interested in multiple octaves, as the default setting could be 1 octave, as it is now.

Just a thought.

Keep up the good work!

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