Scaler 1.5 - Feedback

Hi Devs,

Scaler 1.5 seems to come with great improvements, thanks for this!
I have noticed, but correct me if I am wrong, that the Sustain pedal issue with Cubase still doesn’t got a fix. That’s really a pitty guys, hope you will give a fix for this soon. And If the keys could remain blue while Sustain pedal is on would be also awesome.


Hi Julian, what’s your system, os and Cubase version details. My midi pass through is working fine and sustain pedal too.


I am running on Win10 64bit, 16Go RAM on a desktop with Cubase Pro 9.5 (version 9.5.30 64bit). Also using a Steinberg UR242, my midi keyboard is a M-Audio Code61.
Is it working for you now with the 1.5 update? Can you let me know your setup to trigger an instrument with Scaler on Cubase? Thanks. Julian

That setup is a little difficult for us to create Julian but we are going to discuss pass through on windows Cubase. We are not aware of this as a problem, bear with us please.

Is the difficulty related with Cubase or Windows? It is sad because the same works perfectly within Reaper. I have switched projects from Cubase to Reaper in order to be able to use Scaler with Sustain pedal.

Hi I noticed that long names for user created progressions look funny when displayed on the custom tab next to Artists.

There is a tutorial on the forum for setting up the external instrument, Setup - Cubase 9 - External Instrument Control

We are testing this and will report back

Hi, just recently bought Scaler, wonderful piece of software.

A heads up, it seems to require (atleast) a recent Visual C++ Redistributable.

As I reinstalled Scaler 1.5 on a fresh Windows 10 laptop, FL Studio marked it with an error as I scanned for new plugins. After installing the redistributable for VS2017 it checked out perfectly fine.

This might be documented somewhere (haven’t read the manual yet) but I didn’t see on the PluginBoutique product-page.

I already made the setup based on that tutorial, in fact I might be the one who asked you and Plugin boutique to make a user manual update with a setup for Cubase a while ago. Is it me or it still hasn’t be added to the 1.5 version user manual? Why setup explanations only for Logic and Live users ?? Seems a bit unfair.

Ok let me know about the Sustain issue, in case of this as some setup to do in Cubase. Thanks


@geowall, thanks for reporting the issue and for adding some info on how to resolve, we have had a couple of people reporting this issue, I will make sure that we add this to the knowledge base.

@Julian, you are right, we haven’t added the Cubase manual within Scaler yet. This is planned for a future update. The setup guides,at the moment, are in this forum:
Regarding the sustain pedal issue, it is on the list of things to fix in the upcoming 1.5.1 that will solve a couple of issue in the latest release.

@xtremsounds, thanks for reporting, I will have a look at this chord-set name issue.

Great to hear, can’t wait for this update :wink:

This issue is still not fixed in Cubase and Scaler 1.6.1. I am on macOS, so this is not a Windows deal. Scaler does not pass sustain pedal information through in Cubase for some reason. If anyone can tell us how to make this work that would be great.

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Hi @dspdoc

You are right, it seems Cubase doesn’t pass the sustain pedal info. The VST2 seems to work alright, we will work on a fix.

Thanks for reporting.