Scaler 1.6.1 VST3 no Midi OUT

Scaler 1.6.1 VST 3 produces no Midi Out. Tested with Bitwig 2.5 and Ableton Live 10.1.
The same version as VST2 works as it should!

Hi @nbyte

we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix, the workaround in the meantime is to use the VST2 version.

Thanks for reporting,

i cant get the vst2 to show up in Bitwig- any ideas? I can drag it in directly to a track from windows explorer, which is cool…ish…

Hi @reaganry

you probably have to tell Bitwig where it can find the VST2 by adding a location where Bitwig will scan for plugins.

I dont follow this. I installed Scaler to my VST directory. In the install it says to designate where the VST2/3 plugin will go. I did that and went and looked and there is only one scaler .dll plugin in the directory.

When I load up Bitwig I only see the VST3 plugin which does not work.

Q1 - where is the VST2 plugin?

Q2 - when will the VST3 plugin work? Your post on this was in February.


Hi @BassinFace

the install location is the one you define during the setup. The default one is:

Mac - /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Scaler.vst
Win - C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins\Scaler_x64.dll

The VST3 works fine in Bitwig. It is only if you wish to use the MIDI routing that you have to use the VST2.