Scaler 1.7 forgets instrument in Live 10 lite

Hi, I am using scaler with Live 10 for training. I’ve set the audio to “Brass Ensemble”. After saving and restarting Live, Scaler is playing Piano.(!) If I open Scaler it can be seen that “Brass Ensemble” is selected but it plays Piano. Now I must select a different instrument and then again “Brass Ensemble” to get the right sound. A bug?
2. Is there a plan to develop scaler as an effect? Now I must use 2 MIDI channels for using Scaler with another instrument. As an effect module, I could place it in front of the other instrument, like e.g. an arpeggiator.

Regards, Bosso

Hi @Bosso

  1. Thanks for reporting your issue, could be a bug, we will have a look at this.

  2. There is no plan for this at the moment, every DAW has its own way of dealing with effect plugins which complicates the development.