Scaler 1.7 VST3 Issue in Bitwig Studio

I’ve noted the multiple problems relating to the VST3 version of the plugin in FL Studio and would like to report my findings with it in Bitwig. It seems that the plugin will only output midi if the input notes are at maximum velocity. The “Humanize” option creates the same problem, presumably by having velocity values less than 127. Albeit Strange, it’s better than not working at all. I’ve tested this on the current stable release (2.4) and the latest beta (2.5 Beta 8).


The VST3 version of Scaler doesn’t support MIDI routing, you can use the VST2 if you wish to use the MIDI output.


“DONT USE THE VST3” needs to be a sticky.

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Just fix it! This is a boring bug…

Hi @AndreasFranke

we are unfortunately unable to fix this, VST3 implementation is not done within Scaler.
VST3 MIDI output works well in Ableton Live 10.1 for example.

You should use the VST2 while this gets supported in your DAW and maybe try to ask onto Bitwig users’ forum about support for VST3.


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Hi Ed1,
reported the problem to the BW support. Thank you for clearing…

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Hi all, this issue has been fixed in Bitwig 3.0 Beta 6, released today, within a day of the report being made. All midi in the VST3 plugins I’ve tested now works as expected.

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Thanks for letting us know, this is great news for Bitwig users !