Scaler 1.7 Wrong Notes for Chords after Transposition

I loaded the Song: Triumph. I transposed this up a semitone. Then I messed about a bit (sorry, I dont know exactly what I did but it involved selecting other suggested scales and a couple of “this will replace your current detection: no or yes”). I ended up with the chords as in the attached image. They describe the transposed chords but in fact the notes attached to each chord in both the upper and lower sections are the original chord notes before transposition. The notes attached to the chords in the middle Scale section are correct. When I select Detect in the bottom row, it detects a scale based on the chords named in the chord slots, not the notes that are actually attached to the chord slots. Scaler Triumph Chord Set.mid (299 Bytes) The midi file describes the chords as played from the bottom row.

I meant to attach the lower row saved as a set.Scaler Bug Test 2.xml (1.8 KB)

Thanks for reporting the issue, we will have a look at this.


BTW, the detection error I report in Section C isn’t a bug. That is my error - I forgot I had added non- diatonic chords in other chord slots. Detection functions fine.