Scaler 1.8.1 Keep Crashing Logic 10.14.7 at Launch


I’ve just purchased Scaler 1.81 and after installing the application my Logic 10.14.7 keeps crashing at launch. I’m running a MacMini (Late 2014), OS 10.14.6.
Would appreciate your help.


It shouldn’t firstly. Reinstall Scaler. Then open a NEW PROJECT in Logic and open Scaler only. Should be fine, if not go to preferences / plugin manager and click Scaler and reset and rescan selection. Try that first please.

I am unable to access Logic’s menus, it crashes while launching when it starts scanning Scaler.
I’ve reinstalled and deleted 1.8.1 several times to no avail - it simply won’t launch.
I installed 1.8 and it launches fine now but obviously that is not what I paid for.

Hi @Ave

Are you trying to launch Scaler in a new session or an existing project?
Also, did you keep all files in their default location after install?


I was attempting to launch/open Logic with Scaler 1.8.1 installed but it wouldn’t go through. Hence I went with 1.8 just so I can at least be able to launch/open Logic.

All files are in their default location.