Scaler 1.8.1 - Update

Scaler 1.8.1 is now available for download on Plugin Boutique:


  • New Scales - Added support for Double Harmonic Major scale and its modes.
  • 6 New Tunings - Added support for baritone guitar tunings.
  • State Export/Import - Save the state of Scaler to a file and import your session in another instance easily.
  • Improvements & Bug fixes:
    • Scaler now correctly recalls the sound output on/off value from the saved state.
    • Fix a crash when updating the playback octave of the chords of a pentatonic scale.
    • Virtual keyboard now gets keyboard focus when entering chord edit mode.
    • Alt-click on the Scaler logo now resizes Scaler to its smallest supported size.

I must say thanks guys for having fixed for once the recalls of the sound on/off value, it took time but it is there! Good job, really appreciated :wink: Tried with Cubase 10 and Reaper v5.983 works fine.

The only things that is missing to me to get the Scaler of my dreams is a kind of reduced mode (Minimize function) with only keyboard and chord display

Thanks for this update, keep going on guys!