Scaler 1.8 Update *OUT NOW*

Hi guys, we are excited to announce Scaler 1.8 is out now. You can find it under your account once logged in to the Plugin Boutique Page. Here’s a list of new features and un update video for you all.
Looking forward to your feedback!

New Features in Version 1.8

  • 40 New Chord Sets: R&B, Synthwave & New Artists Chord Sets
  • 3 New Synth Sounds: Dusty Nostalgia, HeavyHitter & SqSaw
  • 3 New Pads Sounds: DreamOn, SteelyEssence & WidePad
  • 5 New Arpeggio modes: Up/Down Repeat, Down/Up, Down/Up Repeat, Doubled Up, Doubled Down
  • New Arpeggio Note Length: Perform Arpeggio in full, half and quarter notes to emulate a staccato effect
  • “Random” strumming mode: Randomly switch between strumming up and down.
  • Copy/Paste Voicing: Extract the voicing of any chord and apply it onto another chord to match the number of voices and octave at which it will playback.
  • Voicing Lock: Preview any chord using one of 2 modes:
    • Dynamic Grouping: Play chords within the same area of the keyboard to maximise compatibility by automatically choosing voices and inversions.
    • Extracted Voicing: Preview any chord in Scaler with the last voicing you extracted.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


Nice job on this! One thing I noticed is that in section A if I apply voicing lock I cannot change the octave up/down afterwards. Is that how its supposed to be

And those new synth and pad sounds are great. I threw a little reverb on there and this is now its own instrument.

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There is an issue when editing a chord. I think Im losing keyboard focus in fl studio after making a chord edit.

Thanks @xtremsounds

we have compiled those issue and will have a look at them soon.


Love the new features, voice locking is awesome, was not expecting another huge free update.
I have an issue with hanging notes though when using the voice locking feature. Also as mentioned octaves are a bit weird.

Yes, it can be a bit counter-intuitive at times. The dynamic grouping forces a common voicing onto any chord played. The octave of the underlying chord doesn’t impact what you hear.

The transposition controls only affect the original voicing of the chord and not the “locked voicing”.

We have thought of adding a control in a future version to change the octave of the voicing lock itself. What do you think?

Sorry to offer a difference of opinion but I have to say that I have been disappointed with latest vrs 1.8. I have reverted back to 1 .7 because new vrs seems glitchy when working with my DAW (Mixcraft). Audio output makes stuttering starts with many of the new Synths. On the whole I think Scaler is excellent vst plug in but I think that making new Synths is not the way forward for this plug in. There are much better syths in my DAW to be had and I don’t really consider Scaler for my synth sounds instead I find the strength of Scaler to be as a composition aid. I really think that this is where you should be concentrating your efforts rather than as a synth maker. This is my opinion and many might differ. Vrs 1.8 is not really a step forward in my opinion but I still really like 1.7! Really the only feature I liked in 1.8 was ability to re-size the window but that would not be enough in itself to keep it going since the sound is the most important consideration. Please stop trying to make Synths and develop as a functional composition aide instead.

No one is ever interested in making Scaler a Synth. We just add internal sounds as a value add. It certainly doesn’t impact functionality nor performance. Scaler IS a composition aid and the new features in 1.8 for me are super useful for that - voicing lock, copy / paste voicing, new chords, new scales etc etc. So thanks for the feedback. You are in good hands!:pray:

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