Scaler 1 detunes midi notes when activated

Horrible bug. When activated it detunes the notes entirely. I don’t know what to do. See here:

I haven’t used Scaler 1 in a long time but never experienced that. DO you have Scaler 2.4?

No. This is for Scaler 1

Any reason you don’t upgrade? 2.4 is light years Scaler 1.

Did this just start to happen? Have you used it before and it worked but now not? Looks like you are using Logic so you are on a Mac. What OS?

Im using Big Sur. It worked fine on my old computer. I’m guessing with Big Sur is the problem and there is this bug.

That is somehow modulating the pitch. Try a different polyphonic instrument. Even better use scaler as an instrument. There is an issue with M1 Macs and Big Sur using Midi FX, try opening Logic under rosetta as advised by apple when using MIDI FX How to run Logic Pro using Rosetta?
Let us know ho you go.