Scaler 2.0.2 Demo unusable (nagscreen pops up every 5 seconds)

I use the vst3-version of the scaler 2.0 demo with latest Reaper and windows 10 x64. The “About” - windows with the “continue evaluation”- button pops up every 5 seconds. The demo is completely unusable this way. Is there a way to stop this?

I bought Scaler last week and hopefully the scaler 2 license will be provided soon.

Thanks and best regards.


Same issue here. Completely unusable demo. Looking to buy but not without a functioning demo.

Thanks for reporting, we have fixed the issue, an updated installer will be available shortly.


Good to hear — was using the demo while I wait for my licence!

I can confirm that the new demo works properly and is available for download @ Plugin Boutique. V2.0.3 Great Service!

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Yes, that was driving me NUTS! Hopefully the 2.0.3 demo fixed that every-5-seconds nagscreen.