Scaler 2.0.9 & Studio one 4 - Audio detect

Hello, I’m trying to route audio to Scaler Audio by inserting the FX plugin in an audio file. ScalerAudio displays that some audio is being played, but the detection keeps saying “Waiting for input”.
I tried the VST3 and the AU with no luck, I’m running it on macOS Catalina 10.15.5 with Scaler 2.0.9. By the way the drag and drop works.

Hi @Joan

there is a threshold to manually adjust when running the audio detection live.
The drag and drop is working because the threshold is adjusted differently when we analyse the whole file.

Here’s the relevant part of the manual on how to adjust it, let me know if that helps

Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I"ve checked the manual and I can see the audio coming in reflected in the level meter, but the detection says “Waiting for input” meanwhile I’m playing audio.
If you need further clarifications I can record a video. Thanks!

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I have the same issue, 2.20 in logic on intel
audio version, clearly has movement in the meter but scaler still can’t detect any input
weirdly on another audio channel it works