Scaler 2.0 Update


Q3 2019 is officially over, any update on when we can expect Scaler 2.0

Where can we sign to the beta?

Love your product


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Q4 is now our official release date, beta will be demo’d at ADE on Oct 15th and I imagine public beta will start end of Oct.

EDIT. Scaler 2 will be now be launched on May 27th, 2020

Tutorial Video here:

New workflow video here:


Awesome, so will there be any videos of the new features on 15/10?

I hope not, but I am tempted to make some because in day to day use Scaler 2 is just something else. We can’t wait to share, it’s really taking the composition and performance assistance to a whole new level.


Davide… That is a horrible tease mate… It’s not fair that you can play with it, & we can’t yet… Please continue to tease us… lol… :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::pray:t2::heart:

We are making a preview video today guys that will be launched at ADE. So will post it here this week, a great demo of the new features. Can also say we are solidifying launch date of November 29th. Black Friday!


great looking forward for it

So happy to hear this… YEAH!.. :sunglasses: :beers:

Will it have more realtime humanization enhancements?

There is really nothing out there.

In my opinion what sets Scaler apart from similar tools, is its realtime capabilities as opposed to program the chord progressions on a grid. The binding feature is the best, even if I am not a player, using a midi controller, I have direct control on the feel and rhythm of the chords.

The velocity humanization, was great as there is nothing that randomizes velocity on a per note basis while playing realtime.

Same goes for note start and note length. If you added those 2 features you end up with more natural sounding chords as opposed to block chords all the time. All randomization tools out there for live playing cant do it and some can but not on a note by note basis.

Anyway I hope you consider it as there is nothing out there.

Yes once you have the printed MIDI you can run it through Ezkeys, Cubase MIDI modifiers etc. But is not while playing.


Unfortunately you always end up with block chords, which are not as human

Can’t wait for the reveal. Not long now :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

? Where is that video :slight_smile:


Yeah, the video, the video, I need, I need ha ha ha ha

EDIT. Scaler 2 will now be released May 27th 2020.

Features specifics, GUI, design and content changing everyday. Video is being launched soon so please keep this only to this thread. Feel free to comment on your thoughts in this thread but remember nothing is final but you can see where we are going!!!


Thanks for sharing

Looks amazing. Can wait

Any new humanization features?


Looks amazing. Insta buy here. Is it possible to create new / edit the expressions (i.e - classical performance 02) or are they baked in almost like an arpeggio pattern ?

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Yes. At this stage humanise velocity or position or both

Not at this stage but something we would consider in the future. There are approximately 100 expressions made up of melodic and rhythmic performances planned for the release. As a composer I am obsessed with using them. Capture and export and edit / randomise / humanise away!

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Nice! I’m in. Looks like this upgrade is going to boost us into the cosmos.

Shotgun for the beta :slight_smile:

It seems pretty good.
Great new stuff to help us in our composition process.
I’m always looking for something help me to find some beautiful pattern and something to help with the melodies.
I think that will help.
Thanx for sharing.

This looks really amazing, love how you can set a destination on the COF. November the 29th is going to be such a long wait.

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