Scaler 2.0 Update

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Hi Everyone,
So just to be clear the 2.0 update is not coming on Nov. 29th?
I need to manage my expectations.
Love the product and am so excited!!

Will the new version have any support for GarageBand? Also will it be noticeably any different for Logic Pro X in terms of Logic Pro is currently using the AU version? Thanks…

Now released at NAMM Jan 16th -19th 2020!

Dev team will answer the former but works as is in LPX

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I’ve actually watched this alot I keep hoping it will show me more haha I can’t wait for scaler 2! The expressions seems awesome and the pattern designer looks incredible too! I use this with shreddage to produce great guitar riffs and Melody’s! But this looks amazing! Those expression patterns? Wow! That’s better than just arps which I loved anyways but it’s better than arps! Iv to wait one more long week to find out about this and it’s killing me :rofl:


Ok guys a further update. Plugin Boutique is finalising the release date for either February 14th or end of February 2020. I am again sorry for the delay but to allay those frustrations I suggest you get the latest beta and start using right away! Ed and the team are close to finalising the latest beta (Beta 4) which I am using confidently in my day to day composition and production. Were are getting mighty close and the final product is much more advanced than even we had hoped for - not to mention stable.
Thanks for patience and understanding. :blue_heart:


Thanx Davide for the news.
Lets hope the beta 4 works well at Windows 10.
And I think February is right there and it’s a very good time to refine and stabilize the code.

Let’s wait for the beta 4 for now.

The timing is correct. It is always better having a stable product a bit later than running towards a certain date and need patches just after the deployment. I agree with your approach.

Already, in spite of some bugs, and I still don’t know whether my problems are related to Scaler or to Reaper, the product is great. So, a few weeks later with more stability is not a big deal. Hardly waiting for beta 4.
All in all, good job, guys!

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Great News Davide… Looking forward to next Beta, also for the final release date mate… Superb stuff…

If I buy today, do I get access to the beta?

Good thing I found this, I woke up this morning wondering when 2.0 was going to drop.

Looking forward to beta4 as beta3 does not open on any of my computers.

any idea where beta 3 can be downloaded?

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If you don’t want to wait 2b4, that should be far better stable, then look for 2b3 in this folder:

Scaler 2.0 - Beta Info

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How do I access the beta

Hey guys,

Beta 4 is planned for next week, we will send the next round of invite at the same time.

If you already have access to the beta, the latest links are on this page:

For those who don’t have access yet, you can request access to the Beta Users group here: and remember to include your email address so we can generate a license for you.


I requested some time ago but haven’t had any reply yet ?

Came back thinking 2.0 was released this weekend. Any realistic news on release date?

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how do i get latest beta?