Scaler 2.0 Update

Hey guys,

Beta 4 is planned for next week, we will send the next round of invite at the same time.

If you already have access to the beta, the latest links are on this page:

For those who don’t have access yet, you can request access to the Beta Users group here: and remember to include your email address so we can generate a license for you.


I requested some time ago but haven’t had any reply yet ?

Came back thinking 2.0 was released this weekend. Any realistic news on release date?

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how do i get latest beta?

This is straight from Ed in another thread. :slight_smile:

I requested some time ago but haven’t had any reply yet ?


He posted what I posted above, only last week. He says “Beta 4 is planned for next week”… implying this week. I haven’t received any notice either, but I figured it would take them until this week or longer. They are a small team working hard.

We will send new invites when the beta4 is ready. It is planned for the end of the week.


Got the beta but it’s not coming up in studio one 4 professional?

after updating C++ its working

Note for bitwig and ableton users the scaler 2 dll has to go in its own unique folder of the same name within your vst folder to detect it

Can you guys do some video tutorials (or any documentation) on the Modulation section?
I’ve just got the Beat and am keen to get a better understanding of it. This section could do with a bit of explanation imho.

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We are in the process of making both! And very detailed explantations at that. Stay tuned!


Hey if got the same problem, installed and routed it properly, and it even shows up in the studio one loading screen but i can´t find it anywhere in studio one 4. Please let me know if you fixed this issue yet?

That’s exactly the same problem I’m having hopefully they fix it

Any news!??? No updates yet on studio one


it works fine here on Studio One, where did you install the VST file ?

i have installed it were the first scaler was installed C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins it worked fine with all my other plugins including scaler 1 but still not showing on my studio one browser when looking for it and iv refreshed and still nothing

What is the latest beta ver???
think I have ver 2.

How can i tell?
When is the new public update going to be available?

thanks Darrell

Hello there.
Is there any more news regarding the release date?
I’ve read quite a few posts and it seems the latest dates mentioned are Feb 14th or later this month.
Does anyone have any more up to date info?
I’d like to take the plunge but I’ll be kicking myself if I have to pay for an upgrade 2 days after I bought v1.
All the best, thank you.