Scaler 2.0 with EZbass

Scaler 2.0 with EZbass, I think it will be great. Scaler can help us solve the chord problem. EZbass can solve the bass problem according to the chord MIDI of scaler 2.0


Hi @Swingmix… Im going to try this too. (gonna be getting EZBass soon) …But have you tried Scaler with Venomade ‘‘Phrasebox’’ vst?.. Or even SquareHeads ‘‘Nora’’ vst with Scaler… The use MODO Bass (or any other bass vst?)…Its awesome… I use Ableton, so i can give an example this way for setup…

  1. Setup scaler as per normal, then select a chord progression of you liking. Click activate button ro activate chords in Scaler, ect… Set ‘‘Keylock’’ in Scaler.

  2. Load up Phrasebox, or Nora in next midi channel (on midi in, make the same as Scaler, ie: midi channel input to ‘‘IN’’…not auto… Exactley the same way as Scaler So Phrasebox/Nora is listening to Scaler ouput)… then selcet arp a pattern (Phrasebox/ Nora, use Bass, or you will get multiple bass sound like a piano…lol

  3. Load up Bass vst, then on midi in rather than Scaler, put it to Phrasebox, or nora (so bass is listening to Phrasebox/nora)

  4. Load up another vst instrument, fr example Piano (or you can use Scaler in built sounds?) & on midi input, use Scaler (like normal)

  5. Now you need to activate both instruments togther to play at the same time (Bass & Piano)… hold down Crtl key, & click record on eack midi channel (so its higlighted red)

  6. press midi keyboard & play your chord progression… Bass will play along with Piano all in key… Just add drums… Bing Bang Bong!!!.. You made the main substance for your track, all by simple programmming… :wink:

You can get Venomde PhraseBox at Plugin Boutique & Nora at Squareheads web site (but im not sure if they stopped developing it… It hasnt been updated in a few years?)
But its another alternative to ideas to create using Scaler… Just goes to show how Scaler is even more precious to my heart as a creational tool… I hope in time, as Scaler develops over time, that they can add this technology into Scaler itself (ARP section)… Rather using other 3rd plugins on top… But hey!.. Thats what life is all about… Experimentation… & to learn with the tools we have… :wink:

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That is great! Is it convenient to record a video?
I hope to see the video of your operation on YouTube

Thanks… I would love to do a video, but i dont have the time. Got a mad life…lol… But if go on YouTube seeing the demo of Phasebox, you will get the idea… Plugin Boutique do, do a demo of it… So you can download it, & have a play… I hope what i wrote would be good enough to point you in the right direction?.. Bearing in mind i use mainly use Ableton LIve 10 suite… I dont use FL Studio, Cubase Artist no more… To slow a work flow for me, so i stopped using them…

mmm I have Nora but I abandoned it after I bought Scaler…
maybe I’ll try it in your workflow
even if I think that EzBass alone is still unbeatable

installed NORA, tested with Scaler and EzBass, and uninstalled just after

I cannot see any reason to use that old-style arpeggiator instead of the modern EzBass AI

I am currently using Scaler with EZKeys. I get the chords how I want them in Scaler, then drag directly into EZKeys. From there you can use the “replace midi” function to access all the amazing expressions EZKeys offers. Great combination.