Scaler 2.07: fonts are better but mix of different font sizes is not optimal

I noticed a preference to set different font sizes. I’m impressed by the speed of enhancement and how much you take care about problems.

Unfortunately, the look in regards to fonts is still not on the level of Scaler 1. I think one problem in Scaler 2 are the too different font sizes. I can change the size now, that’s great. But when I take large fonts, some fonts are perfect that were too small, but others are too big now.

Some examples what I think looks best. I used Ubuntu font at this test.

  • The chord name on pads look perfect at ‘small’.
  • The entries in ‘Preferences’ look best at ‘large’.
  • The ‘Detected Scales’ list looks best at ‘large’.
  • The top area labels, like ‘Notes’, ‘Chords’, ‘Perform’, ‘Expression’,…, looks great on ‘large’.
  • All the buttons, like the current instrument i.e. ‘Felt piano’, or the button ‘Detect’, ‘Scale’, and the buttons for the chord presets, or the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom, look best at ‘small’ or ‘default’.
  • The controls for ‘Octave’ or ‘St’ looks best at ‘default’.
    The button ‘MIDI CAPTURE’ looks best at ‘small’ and wrong at ‘large’.

In my opinion, Scaler 2 would benefit from harmonizing the different font sizes a bit.


Hi @clavia

we have decided to push this improvement in order to make sure everyone can use Scaler 2. Things aren’t perfect yet. We will fix those discrepancies and alignment issues in later versions.

Thanks for the list and continuous feedback, it is really useful

Thanks for sharing a rough plan and that it’s acknowledged. Makes it easy to cope with it in the meantime and stay happy in spite of this. :slight_smile:

I forgot to wite down one point.

  • The entries on the drop down list on ‘SONGS’ or ‘ARTISTS’ looks best on ‘default’ or ‘large’.