Scaler 2.1.2 issue with Cakewalk (Perform)


Since I updated to vers. 2.1.2 I’m experiencing issue with the perform feature in Cakewalk.

There is some kind of chord overlapping, but also wrong notes played, very random but impossible to use with these issues.

I’m trying to make a video but still no chance to have ASIO audio in OBS.

Please, help.


Here’s an example video of the issue:

Hi @CPFox,

From what I can observe in the video, you have a MIDI track that feeds Scaler, and you want to use the phrase “Cantata” on this live feed using Global parameters?

Please note that you are using the Phrase “Cantata” with the “Phrase mode” set to “Chord Based” so the resulting expression may have notes outside your current selected scale because Scaler will base the phrase expression on the input chord you are using.

Is this issue happening if you first detect the chord and then use the Builder (Section C) of Scaler to playback them?
Is this issue only happening with the Phrase: “Cantata”?

Also, could you please check if the MIDI clip is well-formatted and is not duplicated (overlapping over itself)? Could you please upload it here? Thanks.


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Hi and thanks for the reply.

The midi had no overlapping (I checked) and it is occuring with several perform modes and it seems to appear with strings, dream on and other “rich” sounds. Before the update it was played properly. The issue appeared after the update to versione 2.1.2.

This is the complete song, published on youtube before the update to v. 2.1.2, you can hear the strings are played properly (minute 2:56, unfortunately I don’t have a track without the voice)

This could be several things including hanging notes in combination with a long release on your instrument. I notice you have Voice Grouping on. It’s not really intended to use with phrases although it can work well. Turn it off and see if your notes are hanging. We don have a current issue with hanging notes in certain circumstances and this may be it in which there is a fix in 2.2 due December 10th (with many other new features).

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Before updating it was working even with voice grouping on. Unfortunately I’m not able to record the ASIO audio with OBS but I ensure you that if I play the chords with the perform ON into scaler it works fine, if I play the same chords in the DAW, it doesn’t work, the more the song goes on the more the chords do overlap, it’s like the previous chords don’t stop playing. It’s frustrating…

I was suggesting turning off the Voice Grouping to see if that solves it, thus indicating it is probably the hung notes issue we are having but hope to have resolved in a few days time. So if you play chords into scaler notes hang but if you trigger using the bind they don’t? Either way hang in there until 2.2 due Dec 10th. In the meantime capture the chords and trigger them internally as an easy workaround.

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Yeah, bind works fine, when I drag the midi into the track it doesn’t work, no matter if I drag the chords (leaving the Perform ON) or the perform notes (turning OFF the perform). I will wait for the next release then. I will try with the capture and will let you know! Thanks a lot!

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