Scaler 2.1.2 - Notes Hanging all the time

I love Scaler 2! I started having the the hanging note problem others have mentioned when I upgraded to the latest version. I’m using an Imac with Kontakt. I spent several hours today in a frenzy trying to figure out what the heck is going on. Thankfully this forum thread had the answer! It is the Humanize feature that has the bug. Humanize with Velocity works for me with no problems, but Timing and Both have all the hanging notes. Can’t wait for the update!

That sounds really promising. I’m new to Scaler2 but it feels like I’ve invested in a very powerful tool, that’s been developed and keeps being developed by a team that wants a quality solution for us…so looking forward to the update - fingers crossed

Good afternoon everyone. I had these issues as well. with the upgrades (2.1.2 and 2.2.0) I only use FL Studio, I went into the wrapper’s settings for Scaler I enabled keep focus in settings, allow threaded processing in settings and then troubleshooting I enabled used fixed size buffer. In the drop down menu select process maximum size buffer. I haven’t had a problem since. No more note hanging! I don’t know what to suggest for other DAWS but I hope this will help other FL users. Good Day.


welcome @MalikMerciles Thanks for this, may help the DEVs troubleshoot too. Good work.

FWIW, I have experienced the note hanging problem in Cakewalk by Bandlab as well. It is very intermittent, but does happen occasionally. More so, before 2.2, in 2.1. The midi stop button does stop it.

I have a fix. I have the same problem using the latest scaler in the latest bitwig with novation launch pad x in midi mode. The problem is the midi notes coming from the launch pad x for some reason because it doesn’t happen on the notes from the arturia keystep. It could also be the midi script im using for the launch pad x because its a different script on that one. Anyway the fix is to use a free utility vst called piz midi stuck note killer. Place that before scalar 2. If you don’t know piz midi plugs just check them out there’s loads of midi utility plugs but this is the one you need. They don’ have a UI, their very basic utility stuff. On osx monterey you will have the problem where the vst doesn’t want to open because its from an unverified developer. The fix for this is you open terminal and paste this code in “sudo xattr -rd” Then you put a space after it and drag the vst from the vst folder into terminal so that it creates the file path for it. Hit enter and type your password and hit enter again. In bitwig you need to go into the plugin settings and browse plugin errors and scan that one again. Don’t know about other DAWS. Then unverified freebie vsts like this work. In bitwig I have to drag the plug in from the vst folder, it doesn’t come up in the browser at first. Thanks

It doesn’t quite work :frowning: it made it less frequent but it still happens :frowning:

ok so it was my bitwig midi template for the launchpad x that was doing it so I had to spend an hour reconfiguring all of my routing because using piz only improved it but didin’t fix entirely. I was trying piz duplicate note blocker and overlaping note killer in combination with stuck note killer but most combinations only fixed most of the time. Duplicate note blocker seemed to properly sort in combination with the others but then you can’t play the same not twice in a row which is why i sorted the script since this is preferable. Thanks