Scaler 2.1 No Sound Alternate Install Path and Fix Mac

Hi Folks, Just installed 2.1 today and chose to install on an external SSD drive. Upon firing up, no sound and when clicking on the sound there’s a message saying “0/25 sounds found”
I suspected Scaler was expecting files in the main internal drive. Found the following:
/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2/Sets (empty folder)
/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2/Sounds
/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2/Documents
/Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2/

The fix was creating a symlink to the external drive
on internal or main drive:
cd /Users/Shared/Plugin Boutique/Scaler2/
ln -s /Volumes/MacExt/Users/Shared/Plugin\ Boutique/Scaler2/Documents .
ln -s /Volumes/MacExt/Users/Shared/Plugin\ Boutique/Scaler2/ .
ln -s /Volumes/MacExt/Users/Shared/Plugin\ Boutique/Scaler2/Sounds .

Now my ask is what other paths should I check? (it seems to be working fine). Can someone verify if I have all the sounds for 2.1?

Thank You

Looks correct. Symlink is a good work around for the sounds on external disc but I believe you can set the location in preferences now.

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Ahh thanks. That’s good to know!