Scaler 2.1 Update Overview Video

Hi guys, here’s a video covering several of the new features and content for Scaler 2.1


Some impressive new features — well done all!

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Thank you for this new update. I think it’s great and I hope it’ll please everyone.

The update 2.1.0 is not yet on ??

okay, i try that.

hmm, cant find it. do you have link?

It can take a few hours to work through the system, I believe.

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still no link available has it been pulled
Great video davide as always
Scaler 2.1 is just the best chord plugin you can buy outstanding

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thank you @Davide… Any ETA or when this is going to released, if its possible to say?..

okay, then :joy::+1:

not just me then

now its there :+1: Scaler 2.1.0


yes 2.1 is ready to download many thanks

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Keeps getting better and better. Thank you :slight_smile: edit The new non 4/4 phrases are sooo awesome. Takes productions to a whole new level. Love it.


After diving in for just a little bit, this really is a bigger update than I expected (and expectations for this wonderful program are always high). Really nice new features and ideas implemented. Thanks!


Freaking Amazing!! Just Keeps Getting Better!!! :blush: :+1:


Welcome @madamsjr05
Appreciate all the feedback guys. Scaler is driven by a team that feel they are helping to create something special. We have some great plans for 2.2. Hopeful we can deliver something even more special!!!


Few music software products today can arouse such expectation and excitement like Scaler 2 do, not just a “hype” but a real promise to participate in a musical revolution that encompasses a vast broad of users eager to achieve their musical dreams.
Best of all, Scaler is an amazing tool useful for both the beginner and a range of intermediate and advanced users. A real musical creation enhancer.


Superb update! Congratulations to the team!


I live in Portland, Oregon, West Coast USA. And we’ve been having our fair share of challenges in recent weeks, first violent political/social unrest, and then the forest fires. I hadn’t gotten around to play much with music in recent months. But now that the toxic atmospheric conditions confine us again to our homes in the middle of what was supposed to be our summer, I find solace in playing with music again. Along those lines it made my day to find the new 2.1 version of Scaler!

It was amusing to read the criticism of the “old garde” of musicians. My dad used to make the same argument when I listened to synth pop in the '80s: “that’s not real music”. And I would rebuke with “I suppose the ancient percussionists and medieval brass players snubbed the modern new fangled piano stuff in the 1600s the same way?”. He would argue that without electronic effects those musicians would be nothing (maybe he inspired the “unplugged” movement?). I suppose without clay & wood ancient percussionists would be nothing either? If you take the metal away, brass players would be nothing either?

I haven’t dived too deep into Scaler 2.1 yet, but I already like the extended time signatures and added phrases. And the new way how clicking on + to add chords opens the Circle of 5th with all these variations.

One of my frequent challenges has been that I have a “sound” in mind, which is often based on a complex chord I heard in some movie score, and not knowing how to describe it so I can reproduce it. Seeing all the various combinations of a C chord in the Circle of 5th UI in Scaler helps me “find” that chord I have in mind, by clicking on each chord mutation until I hear what I had in mind. Super helpful!

Thank you so much Scaler team, not only for delivering another iteration of a great product (fairly priced!) but also by including the user community so much in your product strategy.

Best wishes to all!


Same here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been working on chords in Scaler2 and go "AH! There’s that chord from… " So helpful for ear training! Great job to the Devs on this software!