Scaler 2.1 Update Overview Video

What great work guys, thank you so much.

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Outstanding! Beautiful piece of software and you just keep making it better.

there is no CTRL+Z!
I lost 2 platinum-disc melodies ( :joy:) just because I clicked one button more, without saving it before

and, have you added a way to have any created resource saved in a different folder from the default one?

There is an Undo in edit mode in the upper left area. They are buttons rather then shortcuts but they’ve saved me a couple times.

You can choose the Export State Button under the Gear on the Upper Right and save things to any folder that way. Import is right above it. Or if you want to change where the default folder id you can change that under preferences


thanks Jamieh but I meant an “UNDO option” in ALL sections of Scaler, not only in that one

there are many places where you can miss something important if you click on some button before saving the job, and David said the “UNDO everywhere” was one of the possible new feature in this release

about the export folder, I see 2 places that are
Chordsets location and Sound location
but they are fixed
in other words, I would prefer Scaler remembering the last folder I saved something into, so that I can save it again and reload it quickly if needed
I don’t know if I explained my idea correctly
there is no chances IMHO to select a folder for Scaler states

I believe you can change that chordsets folder to any you want in preferences. If you hover over the double folder icon it says SET SOURCE FOLDER. But if you want to save chord sets per project say into your project folder, I think Export State is best for that. Unless I am misunderstanding what you want.

We tried and there were some major issues and pulled at the last minute. Ctrl Z I handled very differently by the different DAWs. We need more time there.

thanks for information Davide

and what about a way to move the Scaler status files in a preferred folder?
the current place is awkward: too far away from the folders I use for Ableton songs tc

yes, you got the point, but the Export State folder cannot be changed AFAIK

It’s dependent on your last save if you are on a Mac. There are ways around that though. I use Shortcut Bar for places I go a lot and it saves much time. You could put a folder in the sidebar so it’s a quick nav. Things like that.

not in my system where the root folder is always offered
and the other way is not feasible in Windows (tested yesterday)
thanks anyway for effort

That’s not true. In Windows you have the “Quick Access” section, when you go to save or load a state. If you put in proper shortcuts there by “pinning to quick access” the folders you need, boom, it’s one additional click to get where you want.

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Thanks to the Scaler development team for all the hard work.


Great job scaler team love the features thanks Eric

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You can put a shortcut into your “root” folder for one-click access on any Windows system.

Quick Access is a Win 8? but definitely a Windows 10 thing and not available on Windows 7. I turn it off on my Windows server. I definitely do need or like it at all.

now I understand what do you meant
Windows 8.1 has indeed the option to bookmark most used folders under Favorites so you can access them faster, so I can certainly put under Favorites the folder that Scaler uses to save xml files, but the root folder (C:\Users\My_name) also contains critical files & folders and I don’t want that Scaler xml files go there with the risk to do a mistake and delete a critical file or folder

all other softwares I have let you select a personal folder, then they remember that folder at the following run: it is practical and safe