Scaler 2.1 Update

Hi there,

I’m very excited to work with this new update, but I’m very sorry to say that the PluginBoutique site has not yet shown it!
I’m looking forward!

?Disgusting? Seems over the top. People would complain if it was released with no video!

I’m sorry for the bad word. English isn’t my main language. I didn’t know that this word was so offensive.
What I did mean was that it was not so good to receive a message with the new update and didn’t find it at PluginBoutique site. Just this. I like very much Scaler.

sometimes it takes Plugin Boutique a while to put the update onto the site
the video was very welcome
and we didn’t have to wait long for the update link to appear
many thanks again to davide and the Scaler team
the best just got better

No worries. I tend to forget people don’t all speak English as a first language

Nice new features, however on my system Scaler is far from stabile. It crashes all the time. Just load an instance in Reaper and wait a few minutes and …gone…even without playing
Using Scaler 2.1 vst2, Reaper X64 v6.13 - windows 10, Focusrite Clarret 4, ASIO, 96.000, 256, i7 8700K, 32gb mem. Edit: Vsti3 version seems okay