Scaler 2.2 Bass issues

Absolutely loving the new Bass & Melody functions which really speed up workflow. However I have noticed some issues whereby the Bass pattern seems to have a glitch. For example where pattern uses a set pattern over each chord in Chord mode whereby it might have Root followed by a 9th then a bVii then a #5 ending on a V. It worked over most of the chords fine but then tripped up on a couple of chords where it did not have the same pattern because it failed to start on the chord’s root note and hence it sounded out of place. Using same group of chord’s it did the same over different bass styles. Perhaps it’s a glitch or a bug of some sort.

There was a lot of backend adjusting and compromises made, which invariably worked one way and not another. We found a good balance but still improving, did you have a specific bass pattern to feedback on?

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Having experimented with it a bit more I can say on the whole it works well and as expected. Possibly where it might struggle is with out of scale chords which I sometimes use. However I can see what the compromises are where it seems to be finding common tones from a scale when the root or expected 3rd might be different or out of scale. I have also noted that there is opportunities in the groups to provide an opportunity to choose a different scale which you can tailor to the difficult chords. Hence there is a workaround to use a different scale that fits better with any out of scale chords. On the whole I have to say job well done with this. It catapults Scaler’s usefulness into the stratosphere!

One last thought is maybe treating the Bass parts in the same way as you did with the Melody splitting up the melody into full parts and sections as well from which you can select. It’s definitely not a complaint or niggle though because you have given us so much already since Scaler’s release in May.

Superb job!

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