Scaler 2.2 Bassline Transpose?

Hi guys… still figuring out the new functionality around the bass lines (awesome feature!).
I find that the MIDI notes coming out of Scaler are a bit too low for my instruments, so I was hoping I could transpose the bass notes from the Bass Performance mode via the Voice Grouping feature as I have been doing with Performances ever since Scaler 2. But it doesn’t seem to have an effect on the bass line, it plays in the same range. Is that hard-wired? Or is there another way I could transpose? Or does that fly in the face of music theory, that bass notes by definition are confined to a certain range? No biggie, I can improvise by putting a pitch MIDI filter in Ableton in the path. It just would seem consistent with how Scaler 2 handles the influence on the performances with the Voice Grouping options.

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I have a tendency to answer my own questions right after I posed them to other. There must be something in hearing myself articulate my question in order to be able to answer it.

Anyway, I found this “ST” buttom (semitones?) left to the custom chord row (right under “detect” and the virtual keyboard). Once I put that up 12 or 24 semitones I get what I wanted. I think that’s what that ST feature was intended to do, transpose the chords in the row. I realized that this problem with the too low notes only happened when using chords from the library (which strangely sound fine when played in the non bass performance modes, so I guess there is some implied music theory how the tool automatically offsets the bass notes that much lower).

Hi @Bernd

you are right, the bass note is automatically adapted into a range based on the chord played, with chords from the library they are sometimes too low. In this case, you have to transpose the chord up using the semitone control as you did, or you can move them to Section C and change octave and voicing there.

We have noticed this issue during development, but the alternative of not following the chord content and limiting the octave it played was not much better when using an external instrument with a different range than Scaler.

We plan to add new options to restrict the output range of Scaler for the different perform mode. It’s on the roadmap, it takes a bit of time but it will fix those issues in the long run.

In the meantime, if +1 octave is all you need, you can also change the bass mode in the settings menu:



Hi @Ed1, thanks for your prompt response! That last suggestion was very helpful, I hadn’t yet discovered that feature where you can configure the BASS STYLE in the Expression menu under Settings. This helps some. Upon further playing with the various presets (the bass lines under the different music styles and artists), it seems to widely vary. Some of the bass lines play well in audible range (even using the Scaler built-in bass instruments). And others, for example in the “Musical Theatre 4”, between the 3rd and 4th chord, the pitch jumps between 2 octaves, barely audible in the lower range (must be somewhere around note G0). Perhaps it’s just “very expressive creativity” in the preset bass lines :slight_smile:

I do have enough options to transpose at will, and will explore what I can do with these particular presets, to take advantage of their out of the ordinary qualities :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help!

Actually, as for “Musical Theatre 4”, it’s chord 4 and 5, where it jumps 3 octaves, from -1 to +2 range. I think that defies even classical musical connotations around bass range, eh :wink:

ohh yeah, something is a bit strange here.

I guess it could be the combination of the chord out of scale and the chord having less content to play and adapting the octave weirdly. I will open a ticket and check this.

To explain the other variations a bit more, it also depends on the selected scale, so it varies with each chordset.
C being relatively much lower than B (ie: almost an octave apart), Scaler does some adapting to play the content of scales which would be too low at a higher position.

I think you made the right call on this. I went through the same thing as the OP did.