Scaler 2.2 "chord extensions:" sustained notes & crashing in Logic

After upgrading to Scaler 2.2, I sometimes run into an issue where some notes sustain/hang, and after this starts happening if I then deselect the chord binding, Logic crashes. This happens with multiple virtual instruments.

To recreate the bug:

  • load ScalerControl 2 as a MIDI FX plugin in Logic (10.6)
  • select any scale
  • bind to the chords (“B” section)
  • turn on KEYS-LOCK and set to “CHORD EXTENSIONS”
  • fiddle around a little bit and one or more keys will get stuck

If I turn KEYS-LOCK to a different setting that seems to fix the issue, but it comes back again when set to “CHORD EXTENSIONS.” This even happens if CHORD MUTE is set to “MUTED.” Once this starts happening, if I unbind the chords (uncheck “B”), then everything crashes. Sometimes even after I go back to a different KEYS-LOCK setting that doesn’t seem to cause the sustained notes…

I don’t recall this happening with earlier versions of Scaler 2, but I may have just not have stumbled onto it before today.

Update: well, I managed to get the hung notes to happen with in PERFORMANCE mode regardless of the setting for KEYS-LOCK. Weirdly, toggling KEYS-LOCK on and off will reset the hung keys.

Regardless, it seems like there is definitely a bug in how this is supposed to work…

Hi @blurr

thanks for the detailed report, we will have a look at this. The next patch is planned for early January, we already have fixed some issues with hung notes, we will try to address yours as well.


Having exactly the same issue.