Scaler 2.2 constantly crashing Reaper (essentia.dll)

I love Scaler 2 (we all do). But… guys, no matter how many times… it happens, like clockwork.

Running Reaper 64-bit, version 5.983 on Windows 7, 64-bit. Have not tested with latest version yet, because my license only goes up to version 5. My system is properly configured… everything else across the board works flawlessly with no issues. It’s just Scaler 2.2.

essentia.dll crashes it every time. Even if I only have one Reaper track, and Scaler 2 is on it. I only use the VST3 version as the VST2 version of Scaler doesn’t remember the resizing of the GUI, or didn’t, from version 2.0.3 or something.

It’s immensely frustrating. The crash always happens when I leave Reaper running all night, and wake up to it crashing with the essentia.dll module being the fault.

This image link works, even if it shows up as a “broken” link in the post…

Any news on this? This only started happening with version 2.2.


Hi @themixtape

sorry to hear about your issue. For most people 2.2 has been more stable than previous versions.

essentia.dll is a utility installed by Scaler, we use parts of it for audio calculations, but it seems to be unstable on some configs. If you don’t use the audio detection, I would suggest you disable it when opening Scaler by clicking on the “audio” button in the top section. This should reduce the number of crashes.

If you need to detect audio, make sure you are working with a supported samplerate. Smaller samplerate and block-size are more stable.

Let us know if it helps with your issue,


Thanks Ed! Will try that. I rarely use the Audio detection stuff, so I’ll disable that…

Samplerate I always do: 44.1khz, 24-bit recording. I never go higher than that.