Scaler 2.2 displays as Scaler 2.1

…means Scaler 2.2 is not installed correctly according to the DAW.
If that is what the DAW sees, then there is some kind of a problem.

If you go into all of your VST folders and clear them out of anything
Scaler and then reinstall Scaler 2.2.0 you will be good to go.

Until then, you may experience conflicts running Scaler 2.1 in certain DAWs.

This problem has been discussed numerous times.

Thanks for the response, but I disagree. The features that are running are only available in 2.2 If I were running 2.1 I would know that. The melody, bass lines, group functions etc. were only available in scaler 2.2. From my understanding the tabs menu was also introduced with 2.2.

And you are, most probably running v 2.2. Your DAW is wrapping the VST object in a software wrapper (kind of container for VST) and this wrapper was created by your DAW when you installed Scaler 2.1. When you installed the 2.2 version, your DAW for whatever reason did not update the wrapper’s metadata.

To have 100% guarantee what Scaler version you’re running, ask Scaler VST itself. Go to cogwheel on the right, choose help and see the version in the left bottom corner.


Thanks, I was trying to figure out where it would display the actual release number. Yes, as we figured it IS running 2.2 VST3. I guess I should uninstall and re-install to update the DAW. I did not see this as a big deal and mainly cosmetic since all the features seemed to work fine. But to assure all is proper I will re-install.


Uninstalled and re-installed and rescanned VSTs for the DAW (Cakewalk Platinum) and it still displays incorrectly. It appears to be a bug but a low priority as it seems that everything else is working fine except drag and drop of midi causes two pastings.

Only thing I can think of is are you on a sync’d
backup with a cloud server or storage?

A very interesting thing to do would be to uninstall
Scaler, delete all files related in VST folders, and

Then go into the DAW and see if it still says 2.1?!

I don’t know otherwise. I’ve never had this problem.

I am not a Cakewalk user, so I might be wrong but could it be that the track is simply named “Scaler 2” after the plugin you added onto it. But it is the 1st track so it has a “1” added to its name.

If you add other Scaler instances to other tracks are they named differently?

If the plugin indicates 2.2 it is definitely the correct version you are running.

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You are spot on! I guess I did not notice this. I tend to use only one instance and then drag the midi clips to other instrument tracks. So you are correct it is not showing the release number it is Scaler 2(n) for the instance number.

Thanks for pointing out something that should have been obvious to me.

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