Scaler 2.2 does Noir

An exercise using Scaler 2.2 for Noir like track. Everything except the drums. Lots of potential in 2.2

Scaler Noir


That’s a really clever track I would love to see what Scaler is doing there. Are you controlling sonokinetik Noir? Is your session in Logic?

4 instances of Scaler 2.2. One on Color D is the piano, one on bass for the jazz bass, one with strums and phrases for the vibes and one for the horns just doing chords. Session Horns is doing the animation on that. It’s done in Ableton Live 10. Scalers are synced to DAW with one looped pattern of 8 chords.
I have Sonokinetic Noir and might use it on this at some point but the way it uses chords is not quite the way Scaler handles it. It was fast to set it up and get inspired.

Nice, I think it sounds great. Yes of course Sono’s Noir has the trigger phrases with single notes chords on the left. I love Son and Rob over there and have chatted with them and they do a fantastic job.

Thanks. It’s really fun using Scaler to come up with ways to approach compositions. Best tool in my audio box at the moment. Great job on the update.

Sonokinetic is one of my favorite developers. I got to Beta Noir Ostinato last year. That’s a nice little library.

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Awesome track. Thanks for the inspirational sharing.

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Thanks! As soon as I have more time I am going to explore the New 2.2 features. Lots to dig into there!

Nice track. Not familiar with Noir but it certainly has that late night cool vibe!

Thanks! Noir referring to Film Noir - a style or genre of cinematographic film marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. The term was originally applied (by a group of French critics) to American thriller or detective films made in the period 1944–54 and to the work of directors such as Orson Welles, Fritz Lang, and Billy Wilder.
Some of my influences.

If I already wasn’t a Scaler 2.2 user, your track would have sold me in a heart beat.

Film Noir is my favorite and this nails that mood and era. Would love any more insight into this creation you are willing to share. Chord progressions that are common or work well, etc.

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Scaler-State_A Dark Covid Night.xml (23.4 KB)

I attached one of the Scaler sessions if you want to look at the chord progressions. Pattern one is the one used in the piece and the Color D melody is playing the piano which is The Giant from NI.

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Perfect, thank you so much!