Scaler 2.2 -great program

Hi David
Thank you very much for update 2.2 and for the comprehensive and comprehensively presented last tutorial.



Thanks and welcome @Docent

I must say @Ed1, I and all the team worked very hard on this release and there was much love poured in. Personally, as a writer it has gotten me very enthused about Scaler in a more complete way. We have a great roadmap so lots of work to do. Hope you and all of our users enjoy it and we are also looking forward to the feedback good and bad so we can refine and improve.



Hi Davide
If I can, I would like to know if you plan to introduce a pace slider with a change in playback speed, or does it have to be the one that is now?


I was impressed with Scaler 2 as an upgrade but 2.2 takes it to a whole new level. Just the fact that you can record melody or bass lines only saves a lot of midi editing to remove the chord elements. This is a fantastic update!! This will be my new go to plugin for inspiration and music composition development.


Pace slider? okay?!

Umm… Scaler can sync to the speed of your DAW.

Can you control the speed of your DAW, i.e., pace slider? Perhaps you could use tempo changes in your DAW. ??

Apart from changing your DAW speed there are resolution options of x.5 x.1 x.2 and also a range of swing options and humanise options in 2.2

Thanks for the info I will try to sync the pace in Daw Cubase.

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Just D/L Scaler 2.2 and played with it for about 20 min. WOW!!! Great job. Truly useful program.

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