Scaler 2.2

Hey guys, we’re at black Friday.
It’s time for the arrival of Scaler 2.2 update!!??

ah, well, no. It’s been postponed until 10 Dec.

There are kinks that are still being ironed out, but the devs are working hard on 2.2, also they stated that they wanted to devote time to development and the BF sale is going to bring a lot of sales and people to this forum with questions.

They prob decided they also need to help field those questions. I was hopeful, too, but it’s better to release something with most of the bugs ironed out than to be another MicroSoft, etc. with us being their test-bed.

They could have release 2.2, but kudos on waiting, imho. I think they made the right choice. Right now is the time to purchase Scaler2 if you know anybody who hasn’t yet.

The 10th is right around the corner along with the 2.2 BIG update. :grinning:

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Ok, we’ll wait a little more, no problem.
Thank you.

Thanks for the clarification. No problem, always best to put out the best product. But remember how long version 2 was promised and delayed. So my fear is that there may be a pattern here and we won’t see v2.2 until the last Sunday of the last month in the next year that falls on a Thursday. Here is an idea, open up Beta testing for folks who are more than happy to live on the cutting edge.

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I think you’ll be surprised at how soon the Devs deliver. Haven’t let me down yet. They do work hard.

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I agree, quality over quantity :slight_smile:


No stress peeps. It’s ready and fully working and fantastic. I’d like to list some of the new features to whet your appetites. December 10th :crossed_fingers:

Navigation Hot Keys (switch between windows using hotkeys or UI)
Bass Mode (over one hundred new genre based baselines created by professional producers)
Melody Mode (over one hundred new melodies categorised into sets each with 4 variations)
Swing and Quantise Menu (add global swing including triplets and various note lengths)
Enhanced Edit Mode (all new grouping and ability to continue phrases and melodies over chord changes)

Sneak preview GIF (no audio):


Great news Davide. It’ll be a great Christmas present.

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navigation hot keys?!?! My fellow shortcut fiends REJOICE!


December 10th! It will be a great birthday present!

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That’s pretty stellar. The rate at which you are adding functionality is pretty unbelievable.


Can you slow down the speed of the graphics for the demonstration please?

@MusicalGym you can paste the link to the GIF Davide uploaded here and then change the speed.

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thanks Paul! (extra characters added to get to 20)

Sorry guys I know it’s small (due to widescreen recording) but another sneak preview showing only scaler making harmonic content with same chord boxes triggering the same chords across bass mode and melody mode, after 23" I add some drums loops and a vocal loop from the Carl Cox sample pack from Loopmasters and then go through the individual scalers showing the chords and different bass lines from bass mode and melodies from melody mode. Could have gone on to swing the lot but Scaler now a complete workstation. Full demo and release next week Dec 10

I used the House 4 chord set from the genre list, bass mode 7 & 12 and Melody Motif G


Are three Scalers automatically following the main one?

do I need to buy a 2,000" plasma monitor to use it now?

Yes, and at least 3 more keyboards… the bigger, the better.
Rick Wakeman would be proud! :wink:

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WOW!! Thanks, Davide and team, for the effort and tons of dedication and love invested to make Scaler 2 the most powerful tool for music creation! now we are the ones who will have to use our brain as a workstation to take advantage of this wonder! the best Christmas gift a musician can get.


in this case I’ll clean out my piggy bank

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