Scaler 2 20% off

Hello. I have been using the trial of Scaler 2 which has just ended. I am very impressed. I see there is currently 20% off Scaler 2. I have also read somewhere that there may be a new version very soon. Do I buy now or wait for a new version (if there is one)?.
Thank you.

20% off… not too shabby… Scaler2 was $20 cheaper when I bought it.

I don’t think version 3 is around the corner, at least not until 2021.

There is, however, a BIG however… all the time that you put-off not learning and using Scaler cannot be regained without finding some hidden Scaler “guru” (that we’ve never heard of, yet!).

I wouldn’t hesistate! You can read the reviews of Scaler in the forum and the Black Friday release is supposed to be “the bomb”. No marketing hype, just saying – so far the developers have not disappointed in the least, rather just the opposite. :sunglasses:

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@Packhorse Welcome to the forum.
Buy now! That sale at Plugin Boutique ends in a few weeks and won’t be repeated for a while. The new version you are talking about is a major upgrade 2.2 featuring some fantastic new features we are very excited about and will be a free update for all Scaler 2 users!!!


Thanks both. Just ordered it.

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It was not $20 cheaper on inital release for v2.

This basically matches the best deal we have seen for v2 (i.e. buy at the $29 discounted price for v1 then pay the $19 discounted upgrade price at v2 release).

This deal is basically as good as it has ever been to actually get v2, not v1.

You’re welcome. I know you are going to like it.
Any problems, we’re here to help.