Scaler 2.4.1 at work

Giorgio The Falcon

Very simple handmade chord progression from Amin i, iii, v.
But all the expressions/performances are from the Scaler library. Just custom instrumentation makes it sound rich, but all Scaler under the covers :slight_smile:


feel good. sound nice! i like!
i start fly at 3:00 :joy:

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it seems a Short-toed snake-eagle (Circaetus gallicus) to me

Very nice work. Pads remind me Tangerine Dream.

Not that far fetched, definitively an influence. A friend suggested "Moroder meets Schillerl :slight_smile:

Oh Claudio, ever the ornithologist…
The title made reference to the fact that I used UVI’s Falcon 2 synth for producing the sound. And then I just had this snapshot of a sea eagle laying around - the music will suspend any disbelief :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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hahaha, sorry I didn’t know it
Nice picture anyway

Looking more carefully, I see it’s an osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
I was fooled seeing the snake, a more common prey of the short-toed snake-eagle

We have so many damn wild birds here, between the mountain birds, the forest birds, and the ocean birds, let alone freshwater and saltwater birds… take your pick :wink:

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you are lucky to me
as a birder and a mountain lover, I’d love to live in such a wildlife-rich place

Really nice to see Scaler ‘empowering the composer within’! Good job.


2.41 what chords and sentences have been updated? Why didn’t I find them? Is there a screenshot?

  • New Common Phrases (Basic, Chordal & Progression)
  • New Basic Performances