Scaler 2.4.1 - Keys-Lock / Scale Notes Mapped bug?

The Keys-Lock / Scale Notes Mapped feature is definitely improved in 2.4.1, but I’m still seeing a behavior that seems off to me.

Turn on Keys-Lock / Scale Notes Mapped and choose the song “Musical Theater 4”, which is in the Bb Ukrainian Dorian scale. The mapping mostly works great (better than in 2.4.0) but there is one anomaly: The B and C keys are both mapped to the C note. It seems to me that B should be mapped to Bb. When I play through the white keys, everything seems “right” except for that duplicated C.

Yep…not right.
Scale Only seems fine but Mapped and White Keys have some strange behaviors .

It is really obvious when you toggle between Scale Notes Only & Scale Notes Mapped It goes from working fine to not.