Scaler 2.4 crashing Studio One 5

When I’m using Scaler 2.4 (latest version) in Studio One 5 (latest version) in song then select another track. Scaler locks up Studio One 5 when I come back to the Scaler track. Please help, this is a frustrating experience. Thanks.

Welcome J.

I use Studio One 5 with Scaler almost every day, pushing it very hard, and I’ve never seen that behavior. FWIW, I’ve found Scaler to be incredibly stable…even on pretty lame hardware.

The crew here will be happy to try to help, but we will need more information.

A couple of starter questions:

  • OS?
  • S1 config details?
  • Scaler config details?
  • Hardware config?
  • Lock up messages/behavior?
  • Can you lock up Scaler with other DAWs or standalone VST hosts like NanoHost?

Using Windows 10 Pro
Latest version of Studio One 5
Scaler 2.4.4
11th Gen Intel Core i9@3.5GHz
I tried with Reason 11 and Live 11 and have not been experiencing issues. I’ve created a support ticket with Presonus as well. Thanks for the help.

More questions… :slight_smile:

  • Is Scaler the only VST you have loaded?
  • Can you tell what processes are eating up the other 83% of the CPU?
  • Does it crash every time you try to load Scaler? Not just most of the time…every time?

I think I’d be looking @ graphics drivers and graphics related settings.

Might be something here: Black screen in scaler back in bandlab!

BTW - On my machine the ScalerSettings.exe Application (refferenced above) is here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Plugin Boutique\Scaler2