Scaler 2.4 Manual Suggestions

Perhaps this topic could hold multiple posts pertaining to areas of the Scaler 2 Manual where a subject is missing or in need of enhancement, or any other suggestions pertaining specifically to the manual.

Keys Lock

(As of v2.4) We now have ‘Scale Notes Mapped’ and ‘Scale Notes Only’, which need to be separately listed and described.

The ‘Chord Notes’ and ‘Chord Extensions’, when enabled, also result in some KeySwitches being created. This needs to be discussed - the fact of their creation, where they are located on the keyboard, what they do, whether the user has any options wrt. any of this setup.

List of Mappable Commands (note: see Manaual p. 21)

An appendix which lists in one place all of the available mappable commands within Scaler would be helpful to have.

Hi @sj1

you are right, we can add some more descriptions to the manual about the Keys-Lock but most of it is self-explanatory and Scaler notifies what is happening when you click on the keyswitch.

Regarding the list of mappable commands, they are already in the manual, on page 21.

Thanks for the feedback,

Indeed page 21, right you are! Thanks, and sorry.