Scaler 2.4 Question - What's the difference between binding Patterns vs. Rows?

I noticed two different options to bind MIDI to select chord progressions in section C…

  • Navigate to Pattern
  • BIND Row …


When I choose either command, the UI responds the same way visually, the selection (the selected row box turns green, and the active pattern’s text turns blue). The only difference I can discern between these is that binding to Pattern stops playback, while binding to Row, and changing row during playback, continues with the playhead moving to the next chord in the newly selected row.

Originally I assumed that Patterns can be changed without expanding the screen into the matrix in section C (leading to no rows to be selected). But the new Pattern change command does not actually change pattern when section C is not expanded into a multi-row matrix.

I guess after using Scaler 2 all this time, my even more basic question is, what is the difference between a row and a pattern? Aren’t they basically the same? I am probably missing a key (obvious?) insight here :-o

They are functionally the same now. The naming is an artefact of the evolution of Scaler.

You can now bind section C and switch between patterns with Midi CC as you noticed.

This use to be only accessible from the pad view, to maintain compatibility we kept the different workflow and names.

The patterns are the 7 slots you have in the section C, the rows are the 7 keyswitch you have in the pad view or the modal interchange

Thanks for clarifying @Ed1, understood about the legacy naming/feature. Also, once you stated that the Patterns should be changeable even without the section C matrix expanded into rows, I tried this again and voila it actually works. I changed MIDI controllers. Originally I used the Maschine JAM to bind the Row and Pattern selection, and it worked in section C multi-row (matrix) view, but not in single row (one pattern at a time visible), for some reason. That threw me off. But now I get the notable difference.

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